Join us on an adventure with the exciting Bison Safari

Once upon a time it was huge herds over whole North America, from Alaska in north to Mexico in south. But in many years the humans hunted bison very hard and they were close to extinction. Today they live in protected areas. Bison lives in herds which changes according to the seasons.  Although a bison can weight up to 1400kg they have a top speed at 41miles an hour.

Join us on a safari in the hilly landscape to see our largest herd of bison. Bison like leaves, so of course we have twigs to attract them. The tour is appreciated by both adults and children.

Each tour is unique and takes about 40 minutes.

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    This season we only have safari special days. see green dates in the calendar.


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    The tours can be booked online.
    Adult: SEK 125
    Children (3-12 years): SEK 65
    Children under 3 go free

No pets allowed on the tours.

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Number of seats per tour: 20

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