Farmshop with our own meat

We breed American Bison and beefcattles of races Highland cattle, Black Angus and black boldie. Our animals breds on the farm and are outside whole year around with free access of grass and hay. All of the meat we sell is from our own slaughterhouse which is on the farm, where we slaughter, pelvic hagns, cut and processes. When accessing we also have game meat from the local forests. When we have a small scale production and the demand increases the supply can vary.

Except our meat products we also have some products from some nearby producers.

Our work with durability

Currently meat production carried on on two farms with cattle and bison. Our animals are bred on grass and hay who is produced on our own land. They are outside whole year around and keeping the landscape open which creates biodiversity.  When we have our own slaughterhouse the animals are kept in there own environment which keep them away from stress and transportation. The biggest part of the products sells directly in the farm shop and the restaurant.

We have hives to promote plants and nature. The farms forest is FSC-certified and there are conservation areas and wetlands. When we consumes much electricity we have started to install solarpanels.