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Mobolets Bisonfarm in Västra Götaland

(Bisonfarmen i Gate)

In spring 2005, the first bison came to the farm and enjoy the hilly landscape with views of the lake Vättern and Hökensås forest.

     Each spring, between 30 and 40 bison calves are born. We hold the herd of 100 - 140 animals.

In addition to Bison, there are Highland cattle, Black Angus, Minisetland, Pigs and various small animals.

In the summers it is open to visitors of all ages who can go out on an exciting safari ride / tractor trip in the herd.

In the lounge you get a taste experience from the farm menu.

The meat is sold all year round from the farm shop where you will find leather products, drops, jams and much more in addition to meat.

Our aim is to maintain a high quality of both livestock and meat. We are slaughtering, hanging and refining the farm.

New for this year: Rent a quad bike and experience the Hökensås forests!

Opening hours 2018

booked groups 1 Maj - 1 Okt

 Drop in 23 June to 26 Aug

safari - cafe - dining- shop - .

(6 days a week)

Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

Safaritors leave at. 11.00 - 14.00 - 16.00

Extrators at. pre-booked groupspre-booked groups12.00 - 15.00

Farm shop. 

Ordinary opening hours.

Do you want to visit us when we are not open daily

call +4670-3353545

Warm welcome!

Find Bisonfarmen i Gate

The bisonfarm is located along road 195. 17 km south of the smal city Hjo.

View road sign: Gate and Bison Farm. Follow the sign (Bisonsiluett) about 3km to the farm.

Address: Mobolets Gård 54494 Hjo

Kontakt: Simon 0703-353545 Jennie 0703-899702

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